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"Design in nature really grabs my attention.  It dictates each expression."

By combining her passions of drawing, photography, and love of nature, Randee Ward creates and intertwines a dependent relationship between different artistic expressions.  It is mixed media developed far from the traditional.

Randee's work begins with her original photograph - it is the core of each piece.  As she captures her photograph, she becomes engulfed with the excitement of creating and expressing how the emotions of the moment impressed her. Most often, in developing her expression Randee brings in hand art with a variety of media, and unifies a very unusual combination.

Occasionally, Randee finds herself creating expressions purely with her photographs.  She manipulates one or more images, taking her photographic expression in a new direction.  Although there is no hand work incorporated into these photographic works, her style penetrates through.


 Whichever path Randee takes, her art is fresh, diverse, and passionate.  With her expressions she shares her imagination, intuition, and love of nature by creating a distinctly unique expression of what is all around us.



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